Blizioti Dim. Dimitra

The psychologist Blizioti Dim. Dimitra. You will find Dimitra in Messaria of Andros in a highly designed space for children. Psychology has now entered our lives for good. All the taboos in our lives are slowly but steadily being reduced. A visit to a psychologist is now a common phenomenon. The modern way of life brings us face to face with unanswered questions and problems. Of ourselves, others and life, which become an obstacle to building healthy relationships and a balanced life. The psychologist today is almost necessary for everyone, so that modern man can be trained – healed, with the aim of building the foundations for a beautiful and healthy life.

Change and healing begin with us. Experiencing our emotions is the first step. We have targeted and demonized the experience of sadness, anger, resentment and frustration, for the sake of spiritual degradation and apathy. And it is to keep in mind that the conscious experience of anger leads to hope, to change and to the downfall of every human being, experiencing freedom and taking distance from the feeling of fear.

To open up without hiding our wounds and pain to the other, to be willing to expose ourselves completely to an ear that wants and can hear without judging, can be the greatest mental painkiller.


Messaria, Andros


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