Andros’ Honey “Chryssi Kypseli”

Premium quality and texture

Andros’ Honey “Chryssi Kypseli” is produced under the care of Avgerinos Zannakis. Avgerinos knows where to look for the treasures of Andros’ land for the production of this excellent honey. As a farmer, he works in the fields, plants vegetables, and sows seeds to feed his animals.

When he was younger, he used to go and help his godfather, who also had beehives. He loved that job, and so in 2012, he went out on his own. He is making homemade honey for discerning consumers, for those who know that love and caring create only good things.

Andros’ Honey “Chryssi Kypseli” – Premium quality

Built at an altitude of 620 meters from the sea, Vourkoti is the most mountainous village in Andros. Further down the lush green valley of Arni, a whole chain of springs unfolds on the road. Unobstructed views of the deep blue Aegean Sea create amazing scenery. In this place of great beauty and impressive biodiversity, Avgerinos Zannakis’ beehive has set up its “home” and the Andros’ Honey “Chryssi Kypseli” is produced.

In addition to the local vegetation, this velvety honey also takes on the distinctive aura of salt from the beach of Rozos. Just 4.5km from Vourkoti, this deserted little coast with its clear turquoise waters and fine sandy pebbles adds a special touch to the ideal microclimate that characterizes Zannakis Beehives.

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Vourkoti, Andros


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