Mandarakas Ioannis

Agronomist – Agricultural supplies

At the entrance of Chora, Andros, you will find the nursery “Mandarakas Ioannis” to give your gardens and plants the best care. We offer all the products and tools you will need for your horticultural activities, seeds for all species, and ornamental plants.

Nursery “Mandarakas Ioannis” – Services

In our nursery, you will find customized solutions and services to create beautiful, well-maintained outdoor spaces. You will find a wide range of horticultural, fruit trees, aromatic, ornamental plants, and trees

In the shop, you will find machines – chainsaws, lawnmowers – of Stihl, Echo, hand tools Ars, automatic watering equipment claber. Also a wide variety of excellent quality seeds from Agronomy, Farmhouse, Argogen, and a wide variety of granular and water-soluble fertilizers.

At the nursery “Mandarakas Ioannis” in Chora of Andros you can be sure your garden will receive the care it deserves. We have the knowledge and experience to make your dreams come true, creating customized garden architecture and construction plans, automatic watering solutions, and plant protection advice.

Whether you want to beautify your yard or simply maintain your lawn and garden, we can meet your every need.


Chora, Andros


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