Kaklamani Evangelia

Excellent service and knowledge

If you are looking for a microbiology laboratory in Andros, the doctors – microbiologists – Biopathologists, Mr. Kaklamani Evaggelia & Mr. Kaklamanis Georgios, are the best choice.

The microbiological laboratory is contracted with EOPYY. The tests that can be performed in our laboratories: are Haematology, Biochemistry, Immunology – Virology, Hormonology, Microbiology, Molecular, Prenatal Testing, and Allergy tests.

Kaklamani Evaggelia – Microbiology Laboratory

Our Laboratory has the best Roche analyzers, standard for their category, enabling us to perform all tests in our laboratories. Our Microbiology Laboratory in Andros is a model of excellence and can be compared with the best laboratories in Athens.

The lab also has a 5-population Sysmex 800i hematological analyzer, a Cobas Integra 400 biochemical analyzer by Rosche, and a Cobas e 411 immunological analyzer and includes the best analyzers of world recognition, standard for their category, enabling us to carry out all tests.

Βρείτε την  ιατρό – μικροβιολόγο – Βιοπαθολόγο κ. Κακλαμάνη Ευαγγελία στο κεντρικό ιατρείο στην Χώρα της Άνδρου.


Chora, Andros


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