Kaklamani Evangelia

You can visit the doctors – microbiologist – Biopathologist Mr Kaklamani Evangelia & Mr Kaklamanis George Agios Petros Branch in the landscaped space in Andros next to the Volika bakery. The microbiological laboratory is Contracted with EOPYY. The tests that can be performed in our laboratories: Hematological, Biochemical, Immunological – Virological, Hormonal, Microbiological, Molecular, Prenatal Testing, Allergy Test. Our Laboratory has a VIVO500S Infrared Vein Detector for easy blood sampling. Blood sampling at home by appointment.

Βρείτε την  ιατρό – μικροβιολόγο – Βιοπαθολόγο κ. Κακλαμάνη Ευαγγελία στο κεντρικό ιατρείο στην Χώρα της Άνδρου.


Chora, Andros


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