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Doloma All Day Bar

Mixing drinks and memories

Doloma is a wonderful Bar in Andros located in Korthi, the small fishing shelter of the noble island of the Cyclades. In a picturesque, peaceful place, below a traditional Cycladic chapel you will find a Bar in Andros that will relax you and give you moments of peace and fun.

Doloma All Day Bar – Wonderful moments of relaxation

Doloma is very close to the coolness of the sea. When the sun goes down the colors that the sea takes on are magical, creating a unique spectacle. The orange color of the sun, combined with the blue of the sea, looks like small fires that the Aegean slowly begins to fade. Our space is designed with love and care, using materials that are in harmony with the environment.

At Doloma All Day Bar in Andros, you can of course enjoy your coffee, made from a high-quality blend, and relax in this exceptional spot. From early in the morning we are waiting for you for the first stop of your day. There is no better start than a quality, refreshing coffee, overlooking the incredible sea of Korthi. On the other hand, in the evening, you can try one of our excellent cocktails, as well as our excellent drinks. The relaxing music, blends perfectly with the atmosphere, creating unforgettable moments in your holidays, which will stay forever.

The most charming Bar in Andros

Doloma is not just another Bar in Andros. The next time you are in Korthi visit us and enjoy unique moments of fun at Doloma, the most charming Bar in Andros.


Korthi, Andros


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