Darzentas Giorgos

Fishing shop of Darzentas Giorgos in Neiborio, Andros Town. With great experience in the field but also a variety of branded items needed by both amateur and professional fishermen, successfully covering the needs of its customers directly and economically. Just before the popular beach Neiborio on the left of the capital of Andros, Chora, the fishing goods store Darzentas Giorgos has all the well-known brands in fishing gear and more.

Here you will also find shipping items as well as tents, umbrellas, sunbeds and many more camping items always at the best prices. Also in our store, you will find rich diving equipment such as flippers, masks and uniforms to be completely ready for freediving on the beautiful seabed of the island. Besides, for the lovers of hunting and underwater fishing in the shop of Mr Darzenta, there is a large selection of airguns and spearguns.


Neimborio, Andros


37.841330332947, 24.934611492293