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Anthos Gavriou

Traditional sweets and excellent service

Anthos Gavriou, is a family business patisserie that with effort and passion tries to upgrade its products constantly and is located in the port of Gavrio in Andros. The amazing aromas will lead you to this wonderful pastry shop, as the workshop is located on the upper floor of the shop.

Anthos Gavrio – Amazing sweets

Anthonaero, fresh butter, caramel, and roasted almond are the most common smells in our patisserie. Apart from the traditional sweets, at Anthos Gavriou you can find handmade cookies and pastries. In addition, you can find individual cool sweets as well as syrupy sweets. Our syrupy sweets are perfectly combined with a scoop of our ice cream and quality coffee. We are always with a smile and a good mood to please you!


Gavrio, Andros


37.883292475335, 24.736075957797